Cheese Lover's Three Jar Bundle

Contains: 1 x Beetroot Chutney, 1 x Tomato Chutney, 1 x Traditional Piccalilli

Perfect for a cheeseboard, picnic or ploughman's lunch. Three jar stash containing our three traditional (non-spicy) chutneys and pickles.

Vegan & Gluten-Free

Beetroot Chutney: Delicious fresh beetroot chutney, inspired by Grandad's passion for growing his own beets and favourite recipes. Pairs perfectly with a cheese or corned beef sandwich, salads and BBQ food. Ideal for a picnic or cheese and wine gathering this summer!

Tomato Chutney: Inspired by Grandad Charlie's passion from growing his own tomatoes throughout his life, our NEW tomato chutney is the perfect condiment for meats, cheeses, the BBQ, as a dipping sauce, a tasty addition to any salad or enjoy a generous dollop with your favourite pie! 

Traditional Piccalilli: Our award-winning Piccalilli was based on Grandad Charlie's traditional recipe. Each jar is packed full of crunchy vegetables with a perfect balance of sweetness and pickle. It's the way piccalilli used to be, a wonderfully versatile pickle that can be enjoyed all year around.

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