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The Starter Pack - Try a jar of each flavour and discover your favourite (Spend £10 for FREE UK Delivery)

Summer is here and we are celebrating BBQ season with a sizzling new deal!

If you're new to Piccalilli, then our starter pack is just for you.

Includes a jar of each of our delicious Piccalilli's, boxed and delivered you your door for just £10 

Perfect for anyone who is at the start of their Calder's Kitchen Piccalilli journey!

Traditional Piccalilli 285g

Our award-winning Piccalilli was based on Grandad Charlie's traditional recipe. Each jar is packed full of crunchy vegetables with a perfect balance of sweetness and pickle. It's the way piccalilli used to be, a wonderfully versatile pickle that can be enjoyed all year around.

Chillililli 285g

Our Chillililli is based on Grandad Charlie's traditional Piccalilli with a delicious, but subtle sweet chilli glow. Enjoy the fresh crunch of the vegetables, the perfect balance of sweetness & pickle followed by an unmistakable hint of scotch bonnet to round off the experience and leave your taste buds singing!

Sillylilli 285g

Sillylilli is a unique product to Calder’s Kitchen.  Based on Grandad Charlie's traditional recipe and packed full of crunchy vegetables, Sillylilli has been described by some as Piccalilli with attitude! That said, there is a very good balance between heat and flavour meaning you can enjoy the taste of an outrageously good pickle while getting your chilli fix. Contains Scotch Bonnet, Habanero and a hot madras curry base. One for the curry and spice lovers! 

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