Traditional Piccalilli 2.3kg Catering Pack (case of 2)


Our award-winning Piccalilli was based on Grandad Charlie's traditional recipe. Each jar is packed full of crunchy vegetables with a perfect balance of sweetness and pickle. It's the way piccalilli used to be, a wonderfully versatile pickle that can be enjoyed all year around.


How to use it:

As a rule you can’t go wrong with anything cheese related; cheeseboard, afternoon tea, sandwiches & toasties. Also great with cooked meats or sausages. Equally enjoyable with fish, vegetables, and vegan food. Ideal for the perfect summer ploughman’s lunch.


What else:

Our founder, Andrew’s grandad Charlie used to make this original piccalilli from his own grown vegetables. A favourite lunchtime snack back in the day were what Charlie called ‘Cheese Dreams’. A classic cheese and piccalilli sandwich toasted under the grill. The beauty is in the simplicity  - give it a try!

Vegan, Gluten Free

Sold in 2x 2.3kg catering packs for the food service & hospitality industry.

Vegan, Gluten-Free, minimum 12 month shelf life