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Calder's Kitchen Sillylilli


Our Sillylilli is based on Grandad Charlie's traditional Piccalilli recipe. Each jar is packed full of crunchy vegetables with an easy balance of sweet/sour that allows the spice and vegetable to shine with a fiery chilli glow for those that like it hot hot hot! Versatile condiment that compliments any dish.

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Calder’s Kitchen top tip:

Calder’s Kitchen Top Tip: If you enjoy curried beans on toast as a weekend snack, warm yourbeanson the hob as usual, add two tablespoons of Sillylilli (no need for additional curry powder), stir well and serve on buttered toast. Life changing!!


(Allergens in bold): Vegetables in varying proportions 58%(cauliflowers, courgettes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, Scotch Bonnet chillies), malt vinegar (barley), sugar, cornflour, mustard powder, mixed spices (mustard), turmeric, Habanero chilli powder


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