April 29, 2023


When it comes to food, the perfect condiment can make all the difference. With endless options available, the one that stands out on the world stage is none other than Sillylilli – the Indian spiced piccalilli crafted from Grandad Charlie's secret family recipe. This delightful condiment has taken the culinary world by storm, winning the 2022 Condiment World Cup, a 2020 Great Taste Award, and the 2023 Farm Shop and Deli Show Silver Product Award. In this blog post, we'll explore the magic behind Sillylilli, its award-winning journey, and how it can transform your coronation quiche into a flavour sensation.

The Origins of Sillylilli

The story of Sillylilli begins with Grandad Charlie, whose love for Indian spices inspired him to create a unique piccalilli recipe. Passed down through the generations, the family has kept this secret recipe close to their hearts. By combining traditional British piccalilli with bold Indian spices, Sillylilli was born, offering an unparalleled taste experience that has since captured the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts worldwide.

A Winning Combination


The secret to Sillylilli's success lies in its intricate blend of flavours. Combining the classic British piccalilli's tangy, pickled taste with the rich, aromatic spices of India, Sillylilli offers a truly unique flavour experience. This winning combination has led to a series of accolades, including the Condiment World Cup in 2022, the Great Taste Award in 2020, and the Farm Shop and Deli Show Silver Product Award in 2023. As a testament to its quality and irresistible taste, Sillylilli has become a household name, gracing dinner tables and restaurant menus alike.


One of the most popular dishes made with Sillylilli is the Coronation Quiche, a modern twist on the classic British coronation chicken. The addition of Sillylilli to this dish creates a vibrant, zesty flavour profile, making it the perfect brunch or picnic dish.



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