How to Create The Ultimate Sandwich Filling at Home

May 11, 2020

British Sandwich Week 17-23 May 2020
How to Create The Ultimate Sandwich Filling at Home


11 May 2020


17th-23rd May marks British Sandwich Week 2020, a weeklong celebration of the most quintessential British culinary invention!


Here at Calder’s Kitchen we’re getting in on the action by bringing you seven our favourite sarnie fillings using our famous piccalilli, originating from Grandad Charlie’s traditional recipe.


One of the great things about ‘proper piccalilli’ and condiments that have lasted the test of time are in their versatility. Whether you are a cheese lover, a vegetarian or Vegan or prefer a slice of ham, chicken or corned beef between your two slices, you can’t beat a quality pickle to take your sandwich to the next level.


And whether you’re a traditionalist who likes to keep things fairly old school (nothing wrong with that!) or like to spice things up and get an extra kick in your lunch break, we’ve got just the thing for you.


So if you’re looking for something new, or a bit of variety on an existing favourite, or if you’re are looking for new inspiration ahead of BSW2020, we’ve got this!


Day 1.

Sunday – Start the celebrations this British Sandwich Week with a late breakfast or Sunday brunch and a Sausage and Sillylilli sandwich.


It’s got to be a wholemeal bun or large bap for us, grill or fry your bangers depending on preference. butter or spread is optional, tablespoon of Sillylilli is essential! Don’t want it too hot on a Sunday morning? Try our traditional Piccalilli instead. Vegetarian and Vegan options work equally well.


Notable award-winning sausage purveyors in our region include: The Northumberland Sausage Co, Geordie Bangers, Harvey’s Sausages, Heck and Dickson’s Pork Butchers.


You will find Calder’s Kitchen Piccalilli in several good local butchers across the North East and North Yorkshire. See our stockists page for more info.


Day 2.

Monday – Begin your working week with this Classic: The Cheese and Piccalilli Sandwich

Sometimes life is all about the simple things. And this one is simplicity personified, but at the same time an absolute all year around favourite in any household.

All you need for this one is:

A brown seeded loaf, locally sourced butter or spread, 100g or so of sliced or grated strong cheddar from your local farm shop, deli or cheesemonger and a tablespoon of Calder’s Kitchen Traditional Piccalilli. Add some salad or lettuce leaves for garnish (optional).

Check out some on our region’s finest cheese producers here:

Local Food Heroes




Day 3.

Tuesday – Let’s try something a little bit different. A twist on the very British classic egg mayonnaise sandwich. Egg mayo takes me back to my childhood. Sunday afternoon, egg and cress on open white buns with ‘real’ butter! Happy times.

This sandwich filling came about by chance. We usually add a little bit of spice to the mix, bit on this occasion were out of smoked paprika, added a tablespoon on Chillililli for sweetness and a warm glow and the rest is history. Delicious!

What you’ll need: two free range eggs, hard boiled, two generous tablespoons of mayo, a tablespoon of Calder’s Kitchen Chillililli, pinch of black pepper.


Day 4.

Wednesday – Corned Beef and Piccalilli.

We’re going ‘old school’ for a serving suggestion that came from our customers. Although it seems so obvious now, but we’d never tried this cracking combo until customers who were stocking up at local food festivals kept telling us it was a regular in their weekly bait box.


Spectacular with traditional piccalilli or its spicy cousins. And if you’re working from home, try this combo for a mouth watering toastie.


What you’ll need: White or brown bread of choice, butter or spread, fresh corned beef from the deli (tinned also works fine). Mix together with a tablespoon of Calder’s Kitchen Piccalilli or Chillililli and you’re good to go.


Day 5

Thursday – We’re going Deli-licious with our Thursday offering. This sandwich works equally well with pastrami or cooked ham. Use a brown sub roll and fill it full of fresh goodness. Peppery pastrami, black olives, rocket or leaves of choice, piccalilli or Chillililli, add some extra gherkin if you want more pickle. Nothing not to love about this one. Use Quorn ham or Tofu if you want to go veggie.



Day 6

It’s Friday already and the penultimate day of British Sandwich Week, but don’t worry, we’ve got two more wonderful creations to finish the week in style.


Simply Sillylilli Coronation Chicken or Quorn. 200g of roast chicken (diced)

2 heaped desert spoons of your favourite mayonnaise, 2 desert spoons of sultanas, 3 desert spoons of Calder’s Kitchen Sillylilli, Pinch of salt and black pepper.

Place all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well. Served here on thickly sliced wholegrain bread

To make this sandwich Vegan, friendly, use vegan Quorn pieces and Hellman’s Vegan Mayo. Also great in a jacket potato.


Day 7

There’s something about Saturday lunchtime at home, especially at this time of year when the weather is being kind to us!


Our final sandwich of the week is the classic cheese and ham. Fresh white farmhouse loaf, a nice creamy local cheese perhaps, but a Dutch Gouda or Emmental would also work. Add a slice of quality, ethically sourced ham and take your pick from the Calder’s Kitchen range.


Either enjoy this one as a cold sandwich or take it to the next level by grilling to make a croque monsieur. We suggest Sillylilli or Chillililli if going for the toastie option. Thank us later!!


So, there we have it. British Sandwich Week 2020 covered. And of course, these serving suggestions work all year around. See the recipe’s page on our website for more ideas or follow us on Instagram.


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