Sillylilli 2.3kg Catering Pack (case of 2)


Sillylilli is a unique product to Calder’s Kitchen.  Based on Grandad Charlie's traditional recipe and packed full of crunchy vegetables, Sillylilli has been described by some as Piccalilli with attitude! That said, there is a very good balance between heat and flavour meaning you can enjoy the taste of an outrageously good pickle while getting your chilli fix. Contains Scotch Bonnet, Habanero and a hot madras curry base. One for the curry and spice lovers! 


How to use it:

Use Calder’s Kitchen Sillylilli to revolutionise your grilled cheese sandwich and we guarantee you’ll never look back! Or enhance your poppadum pickle tray by serving alongside mango chutney & lime pickle. Like it’s milder cousin Sillylilli will pimp up a burger, make a very acceptable omelette filler or can be smothered over chips or potato wedges as a late night snack.


What’s in the name?

Sillylilli was born, very late one night in the Calder’s family Kitchen. The name came about after Mrs Calder tired it from the pan and exclaimed, ‘it’s too hot Andrew, you would have to be quite silly to eat it!’ Although she wasn’t so good with spice at the time it was a lightbulb moment and thankfully the name stuck. Fast forward a few short years and Sillylilli enjoys a cult following, due to it’s amazing taste and slightly quirky name.  And Mrs Calder is even known on occasion to enjoy it on a slice of cheese on toast!

Chilli rating:


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Calder’s Kitchen top tip:

Make a ridiculously simple, but delicious coronation chicken sauce by adding to mayonnaise and throwing in a sprinkling of sultanas. Go meat free by using The Vegetarian Butcher’s ‘What the Cluck’ chicken or Quorn pieces. See our recipe section for the full recipe.


Gluten Free, Vegan, Low in Fat, 0.5 Syns (per tablespoon) on Slimming World plan. Great Taste Award 2020